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VR-AR Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Application Production ·

VR-AR Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Application Production ·

The VR-AR Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Application Production training is part of the "D-CLIC train yourself in digital with the OIF" program organized by the OIF (the International Organization of La Francophonie). This training is based on an active method and a very agile learning process that allows learners to master the tools and methods to realize an immersive and interactive experience-based application for virtual reality headsets using the Unreal Engine(UE4) real-time engine.


This course is intended for young people between 18 and 35 years of age graduating from the following disciplines: IT, multimedia, infographics, audiovisual, architecture, engineering, design, marketing

Training program

    The lexicon of Virtual Reality augmented reality, and 360°

·         The hardware essential to Virtual Reality

·         VR and AR use case studies (education, health, culture, industry, entrepreneurship, HR)

·         VR/AR production pipeline (technology, scripting, graphic content production, software engineering, cost, distribution and market access...)

·         The hardware essential to VR (The different VR headsets, The different mobile headsets, the autonomous headsets)

·         From storyboard to experience (how to build a VR project? Design methodology of a project in Virtual Reality, ...)

·         Virtual Reality Project Using Unreal Engine 4.26

-          Get familiar with the Unreal Engine4 (UE4) interface

-          Create and Set up a VR project

-          Integration of 3D assets and management of 3D model exports (3DSMAX, Blender, Maya) for UE4, materials, and light management

-          Understand the fundamentals of graphic programming via BluePrint

-          UI/UX Management

-          Project export management

-          Test the project and repeat it to improve the experience