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3D Production Basic & Intermediate Level

3D Production Basic & Intermediate Level

Master the process of producing a 3D image from modeling to final rendering.

  • Prerequisites:  Have basic knowledge of graphics software preferably Photoshop. 

At the end of the training, the trainee will receive 3 certificates:

  • 2 Autodesk certificates : certificate of completion and certificate of project completion
  • 1 NET-INFO Certificate
  • Software: 

     3DSMAX  & VRAY

Training program

  • 3DSMAX interface and navigation
  • Introduction to modeling techniques
  • Introduction to the Vray Renderer
  • Textures and materials
  • Lights, Rendering, Camera
  • Vray Materials: Basic
  • Vray advanced lighting: GI, DOME, SKY, interior lighting.
  • Configure and set up VRAY rendering
  • Production monitoring
  • Finalization of the Project