Cette formation permettra à l'étudiant de maîtriser la méthodologie et les techniques nécessaires pour produire un projet 3D architecturale avec un rendu réaliste. | NET-INFO



Objectives :

You will be able to use UNREAL to create realistic real-time architectural visualizations in Unreal Engine 5. You will be able to produce 4K videos within minutes. You will be capable of creating virtual reality tours.

Prerequisites :

- Knowledge of architectural design will be helpful.


  • At the end of the training, the trainee will receive 3 certificates:

2 Autodesk certificates : 

- Certificate of completion

- Certificate of project completion

1 NET-INFO Certificate


- 3DS MAX 








- Twinmotion 

- Unreal Engine 

Training program

I. Basic 3D Modeling:

  1. Terminology and 3D Vocabulary

  2. 3DSMAX Interface and Manipulation

  3. Introduction to Polygonal Modeling

  4. Unwrapping the Model (UV Management)

  5. Examining and Optimizing an Imported Model

  6. Proper Export of Models with Scale and Correct Properties Using the Datasmith Plugin

II. Twinmotion:

1/ Introduction:

    1. What is Interactive 3D?

    2. Epic Games Launcher and Resources

    3. Downloading Twinmotion and Creating a New Project

    4. Interface and Navigation

    5. Twinmotion Display Modes

2/ Project Creation: 1st Step

    1. Introduction to the Creation Workflow in Twinmotion

    2. Importing External Objects with Datasmith

    3. Project Configuration


3/ Lighting Management:

  1. Introduction to the Concept of Light in Twinmotion

  2. Environment Configuration to Control Light

  3. Point Light Properties


4/ Material Management:

  1. What Is a PBR Material?

  2. Introduction to the Material Editor

  3. Using the Material Library to Find the Suitable Material and Optimize It According to Our Needs


5/ Cinematic Production:


  1. Setting up the "Post Process" Based on Scene Lighting to Achieve a REAL-TIME PHOTO-REALISTIC Look!

  2. Creating an Animation + Other Types of Media

  3. Exporting the Animation


III. Video Production:

  1. Importing Sequences into After Effects

  2. Enhancing Colors and Lighting if Necessary

  3. Exporting the Animated Render in MP4 Format